Album Title: Earth Changes

Original Release Date: November 18, 2006

Artist: Derrick DeWan Pinckney, born in Fort Worth, Texas State and raised in Washington State, has been exploring music creations since discovering the piano his senior year of high school.

With titles like "Oceans Collide" and "Mother Earth," his songs reveal a deep concern for all life and nature.

Included in the CD is a collection of art cards coined Curlygraphs.  His style of line art was conceptualized in the early 90's and is reminiscent of his songs which probe the inner mind and soul.

Listeners will be transported into a mysterious journey of inner and outer reflections of life, nature, love, and Earth Changes.

News: On 05/02/2010, music from Earth Changes CD was featured on the popular late night talk show-Coast to Coast AM.

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Song Titles:

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